Blockchain Development Studio

Empower your business with secure, decentralized, and immutable blockchain solutions. We help start-ups, businesses and enterprise level organisations to design more transparent, efficient and automated solutions to augment their processes with our wide spectrum of blockchain development services.

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About Us

BlockGeni3 is a development studio specializing in creating bespoke optimized smart contracts for projects or personal ventures.

We maintain the highest standards in the industry and employ a rigorous development process that guarantees the best results, tight security, and a user-friendly experience. 

We are a team of hard-working individuals with a vast range of skills that promote transparency and communication as the key to a successful process.

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Our Process


Discovery Workshop

Step 1

Here, we understand your business, goals, pain points and priorities. These multiple brainstorming sessions helps us to map out the existing workflows and your future goals.


Strategy & Solution Design

Step 2

At this stage, once we gather your requirements in a whiteboard session, we begin designing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product.



Step 3

Programming and coding based on the designs approved by you takes place in this stage. Our Development lifecycle consists of 3-stages: Alpha phase, Beta phase and Release phase.


Testing & QA

Step 4

We continue our data-delivered validation process, carry out in-depth QA testing, for each release of your product or platform to ensure that the final product is ready for the market and audience.


Launch & Maintenance

Step 5

Here, your product or platform goes LIVE. On your approval, our experienced developers publish your product in live enviroments. We exclusively take care of cloud and on-premise hosting. 


Support & Customer Service

Step 6

To ensure continuous improvement, we perform ongoing product and platform maintenance and optimization, deploy market strategies and provide real/fix support to our clients to ensure customer service is always delivered.

Meet the Team

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Steven Isaac

CEO & Director

Co-Founder of Blockgeni3, Steven started the organisation in 2022 developing solutions and offering expert knowledge on Web3 and blockchain concepts through his consulting and development experience within this industry.

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Robert Mcmenemy

CTO & Director

Co-Founder of Blockgeni3, Robert joined alongside Steven offering development and architecture solutions, as an experienced software developer pioneering many concepts used in web3 and blockchain technology.

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Jaime Dorado

Business Development Consultant

Business Development Consultant, Jaime recently joined with our team to help foster new business and expand our international reach with his market knowledge and expertise within web3 and blockchain

Femi Bolaji (1)

Femi Bolaji

Blockchain | Smart Contract Engineer ( Rust | Solidity )

With 5+ years in software development, I excel in object-oriented programming, system design, cryptography, data structures, and algorithms. I’m a skilled problem-solver and communicator, confident in delivering exceptional results.

Jade Graham (1)

Jade Graham

Creative Lead | Marketing | Frontend Developer

With a wide range of graphic design, development and marketing experience I specialise in creating bespoke designs and content, as well as creating frontend websites and UX/UI. I’m experienced as a developer and graphic designer providing solutions from web2 into web3 looking at React based applications.

Chein Hui

Chienhui Lee

Blockchain | Smart Contract Engineer ( Rust | Solidity )

I am an experienced smart contract developer with a passion for building innovative blockchain solutions. With a background in JavaScript development, I bring a strong foundation in web development to my work. My technical expertise includes Solidity, Web3/Ethers, React.js, Node.js, Express, jest, nest, Truffle/Hardhat.

Nicolas Brown

Nicholas Brown

ML/AI and Software Developer

As an ML/AI and software developer, I have a strong interest in science and blockchain technology. I specialize in developing complex algorithms and machine learning models to provide innovative solutions that drive business growth. With my expertise, I aim to create value for businesses and society through cutting-edge technology solutions.

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